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Xian Tour

As time-honored historic city and ancient capital of China, Xian is steeped in history. It not only sees the ups and downs of China for thousands of years but also serves as the starting point of Silk Road. Xian has a bunch of incredible sights to offer - Terracotta Warriors, Ancient City Wall, fascinating pagodas, mystic temples, exotic Muslim market and more. Join our well-selected Xian tours to get an in-depth understanding the real charm of historic Xian!

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Beijing Xian Tour Shanghai Xian Tour 72 Hours Visa Free Xian Tour
Xian Silk Road Tour Xian Sightseeing Tour Xian China Tour
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Xian Bus Tour

Discover how long history of China by visiting many historical places in Xian, ancient capital city of China. Get reasonable tour price with join our favorite Xian bus tours covers professional English guide, transportation, lunch and amazing sites!


Xian Private Tour

Explore numerous famous historical sites around Xian with private service. Enjoy your Xian vacation only with people you know, relax and admire ancient city Xian with them. Pick one of our popular private day tour or tour packages and book the tour right now!



Xian Side Trip

Our hand-picked favorite tour lines Xian side trip brings you explore some ancient cities around Xian including Luoyang and Dunhuang, as well as some tour options will bring you to admire the ancient Xian from Beijing and Shanghai.


Beijing Xian Tour

Beijing to Xian tour by flight or by train lead you to visit top historical sites to better understand the profound history and culture of Xian city and ancient China. With our experienced tour guide, in-depth explore the real charm of Xian.


Shanghai Xian Tour

Different from modern Shanghai, walking into Xian is just as if you were step into ancient China. Terracotta Warriors, Ancient City Wall, Bell Tower, History Museum, etc. all show you rich history of this ancient capital city. Join to discover!


72 Hours Visa Free Xian Tour

72 hours Xian visa-free tour is designed for tourists from 51 countries with a third-country flight ticket. Make full use of limited transit time to visit Terracotta Warriors and other ancient sightseeing to create a memorable trip!


Xian Silk Road Tour

Xian is regarded as the starting point of Silk Road in ancient times. Join Xian Silk Road Tour to visit the representative historical sites along Silk Road and to better understand the history and story as well.


Xian Sightseeing Tour

As the capital city of ancient dynasties over 1000 years, numerous historical sites and cultural relics in and around Xian are waiting for your exploration. Now daily departure Xian sightseeing tour is perfectly design for you!


Xian China Tour

China Tour include the visit to the most famous city Xian, Beijing, Guilin, Shanghai, etc. Xian is a city with a long history and diverse culture, different options for your choose which offered by the China Local Travel Agency.


Xian Car Rental

With well training driver, we ensure safety for transfers in Xian including airport/railway station transfer and city tours.


DIY Xian Tour


If you are tired of traditional travel type and none of the Xian tours listed above match with your needs, just tell us your favorite attractions and personal tour plan, and then we will tailor-made a Xian tour itinerary depend on your request.


Travel Review

Cozy Tour in Xian Vinay Bhan
The exploration of Terracotta Warriors was my favorite part of the tour, with so many interesting facts and amazing views of the huge tombs. We overall had an amazing time on this tour. The instructions for the meeting point were very clear and easy to find. The tour guide was always told everything she knew about each important spot. Thank you very much for such a fabulous tour.
Magnificent Terracotta Warriors Tour Dennis Orgeron
We recently went to historic city of Xian just to see the marvelous Terra Cotta Warriors. Really outstanding artwork! We particularly enjoyed seeing the warriors up close and personal! We just thought the Terracotta Warriors were merely just some earthen figurines but the visit to the museum really opened our eyes! Loved the trip to the museum and enjoyed this day trip and also learned a lot about the early history of China!
Well-organized Trip in Xian Christopher Messenger
Everything was so well organized! Explored all of the famous attractions in Xian within 4 days. It was a memorable experience for me and my family. The highlight of this tour is when we had a chance visiting the huge tomb, world famous Terracotta Army. The complex was absolutely stunning and filled with an ancient sacred atmosphere inside. A must visit attraction in Xian!