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Travel News

Three New Panda Cubs Were Born in June 2014

For the recent years, there will be thousands of tourists come to China for appreciating the lovely national treasure - Pandas. With typical fur and adorable behaviors, they always arouse large applause, especially among the children. All the workers in panda base are ordered to protect them with typical care. What the exciting news is that on June, 27, there is a little panda baby falls to the world called Qingqing… reade more

Save 3 to 4 Hours to Pingyao from Beijing or Xian by Bullet Trains

Distributed in every corner of China, many mysterious spots are hidden. Among these mysteries, Pingyao receive more and more attention with traditional history and heritage relics as well as unspeakable local culture. In order to advocate Pingyao's traditional culture and promote the tourism development, Chinese Railway Station authority put new bullet trains officially into operation. Among these benefits cities for tourism, Pingyao rank first… reade more

A New Tourist Train Opened on Silk Road

When related to the Silk Road, everyone will hold curious interests and imaginations. For adventurers, there is good news: tourist train is opened on Silk Road. On June 18, 2014, the Y206/207 Silk Road tourist train (11 days journey) was set off from Xian. Carrying about 600 passengers to research the mysterious land, the famous "Changan Hao" was officially started its operation… reade more

More Convenience for Silk Road Travel

In order to promote the economy and encourage the tourism filed, Lanzhou-Xinjiang Railway began its system integration test on June 3, 2014. This news means that the first high-speed Railway of Xinjiang is expected to open at the end of the year. Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway has another name called Lanxin Second Railway. As a high-speed rail connecting Lanzhou in Gansu province and Urumqi in Xinjiang province… reade more

Transformers Exhibit Opens in Macau

China's obsession for Transformers led to an opening of an amazing exhibit in Macau China. The stories revolving around the Transformers have long been legendary in China. There were a few repairmen who once built 20 giant autobots out of junk in a small village in Shandong. And there was once a true romantic who built an eight-meter-high Optimus Prime to make proposal to his girlfriend, which took him about ten months to complete… reade more

Jinghang Grand Canal Earns a Spot in World Heritage List

Local time on June 22, 2014, CCTV reported, the thirty-eighth session of the World Heritage Committee meeting held in the capital of Qatar Doha, agreed the Jinghang Grand Canal of China included in the "World Heritage list". This is the forty-sixth world heritage site in China. Reportedly, the different sections of Jinghang Grand Canal were selected in terms of Typical River section and important heritage significance… reade more

Color Run in China

In June 21st, tens of thousands of Chinese and foreign friends gathered in Beijing Garden Expo for 5 km color run. Color run is an entertainment originated in 2011 in America, running distance of 5 kilometers and per kilometer set a color station. While the players running or walking to the color station, the staff and volunteers will throw colored powder to the participants. It is the fusion of the running and color, compared with the traditional running… reade more

Young Guy Cycling around Chinese Borders

A 24 year old young man Liu Jiabing just graduated from University, from Hunan Loudi, is about to embark on his backpack cycling around Chinese borders (a journey of 26000 kilometers) starting from Guangzhou. On 17 he arrived in Haikou, where he will spend 8 days to complete the cycling around the island, then go along the other borders of China, finally wrap it up at Taiwan Island, which is expected to last for a year… reade more

Playing Mahjong on Water

An on-water mahjong contest is underway in Jiudaogu Valley Scenic Area, Sanshui Town in Guangdong Foshan, attracting dozens of mahjong lovers join the game. In the contest they can not only enjoy soaking in the pool but also enjoy playing three hundred rounds of mahjong. It is a great way to enjoy the cool water and have fun at the same time… reade more