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'Best China Travel Deals' is hand-picked by insiders for those who are looking for the ideal way to enjoy premium all-inclusive China vacation. Diversity tour routes cover the most popular tourist cities and destinations in China for you to taste of the miracle natural scenery, thumb-up featured scenic spots and rich minority culture. We offer these best China tours all at discount prices with guaranteed quality of service. Safety and reliability!


Travel Review

Popular Beijing Xian Group Tour Package Lies Vogeler
I visited 2 famous cities in China- Beijing and Xian during my 6 days holiday. The Great Wall, Forbidden City, Summer Palace in Beijing and Terracotta Amy in Xian were the most attractive places. The tour was arranged in order and everything went smoothly during my tour. Thanks to your good work!
Beijing Xian Group Tour Don Belle Zueger
We took the most popular group tours in Beijing and Xian with train transfer between the cities. The 6 days tour package was really amazing. The Great Wall of China and the Terracotta Warriors will never let you down. We were attracted by the magnificent building there.
Famous China City Tour Package Alise Wong
Beijing, Xian and Shanghai are the famous cities in China also for tourists. Each city has their attractive places and their own character. The Great Wall in Beijing, Terracotta in Xian and the Bund area in Shanghai gave us deep impression. We took the overnight train from the city to city. It was cheaper for the train, but we think waste a little time for the train from Xian to Shanghai because it took about 16 hours on the train. All in all, we had a good tour!


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