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Tips for Changing Foreign Currency in China

The following is a little advice about where and how to change the currency.

Firstly, before your travel to China, it is best to change your foreign currency into Chinese currency. You can head to the Bank of China branches at the airport to get it done. Alternatively, you can have your currency changed at those superior hotels, restaurants and some shops that offer currency exchange service.

Secondly, the exchanging rate is given by the Bank of China, so check out the foreign exchange rate information at the bank. The foreign currency that can be exchanged into Chinese currency includes US dollars, pounds Sterling, Euros, Japanese Yen and dollars from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Hong Kong Macau & Taiwan among others.

Thirdly, your passport is required while exchanging the currency at the counter. There are some self-service machines available for currency exchange in some banks, such as Bank of China, shopping malls and others. Word of advice - keep the voucher paper to use it to redeem the surplus Chinese currency when leaving China.