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Car Rental Service in China

Discount China Car Rental with Driver

Car Rental in Beijing

Car Rental in Beijing

Rent a car in Beijing for transfer & tours will certainly save a lot of travel time. Skillful driver and good condition car serve you!

Beijing Great Wall Car Rental

Beijing Airport Transfer Service

Beijing Railway Station Transfer Service

Beijing Downtown Full Day Tour

Tianjin Port - Beijing Transfer & Tours

Tianjin Port - Beijing Transfer & Tours

Covering multi-choices of high quality vehicles, Tianjin Port - Beijing Transfer will utmost save your time satisfy your desire of seeking happiness!

Tianjin Port - Beijing Private Transfer from US$ 180/pax

Beijing - Tianjin Port Private Transfer from US$ 180/pax

Tianjin Port - Beijing Mutianyu Day Trip from US$ 77/pax

Tianjin Port - Beijing Forbidden City Tour from US$ 80/pax

Car Rental in Shanghai

Car Rental in Shanghai

With considerable car rental service and experienced driver, you would get a fully cozy tour exploring downtown Shanghai and short stay in charming Suzhou or fairy Hangzhou!

Shanghai Airport Transfer Service

Shanghai Railway Station Transfer

Shanghai Cruise Port Transfer

Shanghai to Suzhou Car Rental

Shanghai to Hangzhou Car Rental

Car Rental in Xian

Car Rental in Xian

Car rental in Xian will lead you the terrific airport/railway station transfer with fast, reliable and efficient service, presenting you unique wonderful holiday!

Xian Airport Transfer Service

Xian Railway Station Transfer Service

Terracotta Warriors Car Rental

Huangshan Mountain Car Rental

Famen Temple & Qianling Car Rental

Car Rental in Guilin

Car Rental in Guilin

Here we ready to give you a personalized transfer with reliable service provides safety and fast transfer in Guilin.

Guilin Airport Transfer Service

Guilin Railway Station Transfer Service

Guilin - Yangshuo Round Trip Car Rental

Guilin - Longsheng Round Trip Car Rental

Guilin City Downtown Car Rental

Car Rental in Guangzhou

Car Rental in Guangzhou

We are ready to offer you safe and fast transfer service in Guangzhou to help you create a time-saving tour.

Guangzhou Airport Transfer Service

Guangzhou Railway Station Transfer Service

Full Day Guangzhou Downtown Transfer

Full Day Foshan Transfer Service

Full Day Shenzhen Transfer Service

Full Day Kaiping Transfer Service

Car Rental in Hangzhou

Car Rental in Hangzhou

Here we offer reliable limo service to offer you a fast and safe transfer during your tour in Hangzhou as well as nearby cities.

Hangzhou Airport Transfer Service

Hangzhou Railway Station Transfer Service

Full Day Hangzhou Downtown Transfer

Hangzhou - Shanghai Car Rental (one way)

Hangzhou - Huangshan Car Rental (one way)

Car Rental in Chengdu

Car Rental in Chengdu

A group of vehicles in different sizes in good condition are offered to ensure your safety during car rental service in Chengdu.

Chengdu Airport Transfer Service

Chengdu Railway Station Transfer Service

Full Day Chengdu Downtown Transfer

Full Day Leshan Transfer Service

Full Day Mt. Emei Transfer Service

Full Day Dujiangyan Transfer Service

Full Day Bifengxia Transfer Service

Tips for Car Rental Service in China

Car Rental in Shanghai

Private car rental service drives travelers in comfort to destinations in Shanghai or excursion from Shanghai to Suzhou and Hangzhou.

Car Rental in Guilin

Provides professional, competent and reliable private transfer in Guilin accompanied by experienced and friendly driver.

Car Rental in Beijing

Whatever your travel needs are in Beijing, with comfort and private transfer bring you to reach your destinations convenient.
Beijing Great Wall Car Rental
Beijing Airport Transfer Service
Beijing Railway Station Transfer Service
Beijing Downtown Full Day Tour

Reserve our Car Rental Service

Please use our online booking or send your travel request via email or just contact us by phone for more details or information.
If your booking is confirmed, you will get a confirmation email including your confirmed itinerary with the details of price (RMB or US$).
Prepayment is needed to hold your reservation. We accept cash payment, credit card payment or wire transfer. Both RMB and US$ or other hard currencies are acceptable.

Tips for Driver or Tour Guide

Give the tip to driver or tour guide is optional, but tipping is expected by drivers as well as tour guide. Below, our recommendation for tipping:
Driver: RMB 50 per day
Tour Guide: RMB 80 per day

How About the Driver?

1. All our drivers has official license and have at least 3 years driving experience.
2. All drivers belong to a very reputable transport company in China and have no accident record.
3. All drivers are properly dressed, no smoking or eating in the vehicle.
4. All drivers are familiar with tour routes and the tourist areas. Give you the best way to get your destination.

Tour Guide Service

The rental prices above only include the vehicle and a licensed driver. Because most of the drivers cannot speak English, it will be helpful if you also reserve an English speaking guide. If you want to use an English speaking tour guide for your airport transfer or sightseeing, please pay the additional price. Further information you can ask our trip advisor by email.

How about the vehicles we provide?

All the vehicles we use are in good condition and licensed with insurance. All vehicles are equipped with air-conditioning and enough luggage space with clean environment, no odour and damage-free.

1-2 traveling Party: we offer cars
3-5 traveling Party: we offer vans
6-15 travelling Party: we offer 22-seat coach
16-25 traveling Party: we offer 33-seat coach
26-45 traveling party: we offer 55-seat coach