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Beijing to Xian Travel

Wide ranges of Beijing to Xian tour bring you to discover the old history and culture of China. Join the tour and create memorable vacation with hand-picked Beijing and Xian day tour/tour packages by train or air. Here, also listed our well selected Beijing/Xian hotel as well as Beijing Xian train or the flight schedules for the best accommodation.

Recommended Hotels in Beijing & Xian
Beijing Hotel

Beijing Hotel

Hand Pick Hotels below are all located in the central area of Beijing.

5 Star: Sunworld Dynasty Hotel from $20

4 Star: Jingtailong International Hotel from $20

3 Star: Wangfujing Dawan Hotel from $20

Xian Hotel

Xian Hotel

Hand Pick Hotels below are all located in the central area of Xian.

5 Star: Grand Park Xi'an from $20

4 Star: Gaosu Shenzhou Hotel from $20

3 Star: Xi'an Forest City Hotel from $20

Beijing Xian Train Schedule & Flight Schedule
Beijing Xian Train Schedule

Beijing Xian Train Schedule

Train No. Departure Arrival Time
G659 Beijing West Railway Station Xian North Railway Station 12:07-17:30
G661 Beijing West Railway Station Xian North Railway Station 14:48-21:03
Z19 Beijing West Railway Station Xian Railway Station 20:43-07:58
G660 Xian North Railway Station Beijing West Railway Station 11:00-17:11
Z20 Xian Railway Station Beijing West Railway Station 19:55-07:10
Beijing Xian Flight Schedule

Beijing Xian Flight Schedule

Flight No. Departure Arrival Time
HU7137 Beijing Capital Airport Xian Xianyang Airport 07:25-09:10
MU2110 Beijing Capital Airport Xian Xianyang Airport 14:05-15:55
CA1205 Beijing Capital Airport Xian Xianyang Airport 20:30-22:30
MU2107 Xian Xianyang Airport Beijing Capital Airport 12:10-13:55
CA1236 Xian Xianyang Airport Beijing Capital Airport 20:55-22:45
Travel Tips for Beijing to Xian
Different Between 1 Day Beijing-Xian Flight Tour and Train Tour

For 1 day Beijing-Xian Flight Tour, visitors only could join the private tour. That means the tour will be more personalized, no travelers will join the tour. In the other hand, if travelers want to take Beijing-Xian train tour, then they need to depart the night before tour by the overnight train from Beijing and arrive at Xian at the early morning for explore Xian. Because arrive in the early morning by train, so travelers could choose both types of tour, Xian group tour or private tour. Group tour for cheaper price and private tour for more personalized tour.

Information Need for Book Flight and Train Tickets

For tours from Beijing to Xian, it is much better to book the tickets for flight or train in advance especially during the high season. Information need for booking:
1. Your surname;
2. Your given name;
3. Gender;
4. Nationality;
5. Birth date and passport number.
For more information, contact with our staff by email.

Climate in Xian

Xian has a continental climate with hot and humid summer, cold and dry winter. July is the hottest month with the temperature of 35 C and the coldest month is January with the temperature below -3 C. Spring is short from March to April; Summer from May to August; Autumn from September to November and winter is from December to February.

Best Time Visit Beijing and Xian

According to good climate, Xian is in a warm temperate zone and has a continental climate and the monsoon. November, although cold (average daytime temperatures are around 10°C), is a good time to visit to avoid the crowds and make the most of cheaper flights and accommodation. Both cities commonly crowded and busy during school vacations and public holidays in China. So, avoid those busy times when planning Beijing to Xian tour.

Xian Safety Tips

Like other cities in China, Xian is generally a safe place to visit and travel for foreigners or unfamiliar visitors. Just be careful about your belongings in crowds especially when you are on public transportation and some of crowded tourist attractions. Pickpockets are more common during holidays, so get attention. There are also people asking for money and beggars in some famous tourist spots.

Get Taxis in Xian

You should need to know taxis in Xian are very limited. You may find yourself being taken on a long ride around town to get where you are going. Because find taxis in Xian are difficult and not reliable, so you need to be sure to take care and understand about Chinese. If you unfamiliar with the city, it is generally much safer to take organized tour to visit numerous ancient landmarks in Xian.

Recommended Stay Time in Xian

3 days Xian tour is strongly recommended. Within 3 days, travelers at least can explore some iconic attractions in Xian with relax and in a comfortable way, not too rush either. 2 days trip is also nice, but we advise you get to Xian by an early morning flight and departure from Xian by a flight on the late afternoon to get the whole interesting insight of Xian such as, Terracotta Army, Xian City Wall, Bell Tower, Huaqing Pool, Tang Dynasty Show, etc.

Terracotta Warriors Visiting Notes

1. Opening Hours: 8:30am - 5:30pm
2. Admission of Terracotta Warriors: RMB 150 (March 1-November 30); RMB 120 (December- February). The ticket also includes the entrance to Qin Shihuang Mausoleum.
3. Visitors can rent an audio guide (recorded guide). You just pay RMB 40 an audio tour or hire a tour guide.
4. Avoid Chinese national holidays (Spring Festival and China national vacation) and weekend for more comfortable tour.

Sightseeing on the Ancient City Wall

Here some favorite ways for sightseeing ancient city wall in Xian
1. Walking: Walking from the south gate is the most favorite start among visitors. You can tour the whole circle if you want.
2. Cycling: There are bicycles for rental up to the South Gate. The bicycle deposit is CNY 200. There available single, double and triple bicycle. It takes 1.5 to 2 hours to cycle round the wall for a whole circle at a medium speed.
Other ways are by taking sightseeing battery car, or bus tours.

Night Activities in Xian

Here some interesting night activities that we can recommended for visitors:
1. Enjoy Xian Tang Dynasty Show, a famous show represent rich and glorious Tang Dynasty of China.
2. See fountain and music show which starting at 8:00pm for free at the Big Goose Pagoda Square.
3. Wandering Defu Lane (Defuxiang Bar Street), a street filled of numerous cafes, tea houses, restaurants and bars to taste of colorful nightlife in Xian.

Travel Review

One Week Stay in China Birch Nielsen
I really had a lot of fun and essential Chinese experience on this trip to China and an essential Chinese experience in Xian! Had so much fun and lifetime experiences while exploring the historical city of Xian. Everything was as amazing as it could be! Just loved them all! It was all about fun and history as well as laid-back sightseeing! Highly recommended!
Discover Ancient City Shawn Mathavorn
Everything from the beginning till the end of the tour was well organized. With this tour, we did visit famous historical sites in Beijing and Xian, ancient cities of China. Wondering along the street, I can smell the ancient atmosphere. This time come to Xian what impressed me are not only the Terracotta Warriors and Ancient City Wall, etc but also the magnificent natural Huashan Mountain.
Excellent Flight Tour to Xian Ravi Jha
On my flight trip to Xian, my favorite sight was no doubt the Terracotta Warriors. The warriors were very impressive and kind of brought me back to the day when they were made when I was walking around the museum.
Besides the Terracotta Warriors, another attractive part in the tour is that I got close to the legendary Tang Dynasty Show. The gestures, actions and clothes are all imitating the Tang Dynasty glory culture.

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